Thanks for this song from Deborah Smiley:

Sung to the tune of "Downtown":

When the city is hot
there is a place that we've got
It's in the Poconos
When your trunks are all packed
with your shorts and your slacks
then you are ready for
You will find most everything right here at Tegawitha
Lots of friends and memories
that you can take home with ya!
Isn't it grand?
Your summer will be such fun,
Just come here to Tega and meet everyone
Oh TE-GA! Home of the Blue and White,
TE-GA! Three blankets in the night,
TE-GA! We're coming back here next year!

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sent by
Vicki Hallman '72- '73
Thanks, Vicki!

Bluebell Cabin Song
(melody: "On the Boardwalk in Atlantic City")

On the junior side of Tegawitha,
There is a cabin that's swell.
It's the neatest here at Tegawitha,
Of course we are speaking of Blue-Bell!

There where the soft summer air
Brings out a camper's charm.
And with our counselor's care,
We will be free from harm.

On the junior side of Tegawitha,
There is a cabin that's swell.
It's the neatest here at Tegawitha,
Of course we are speaking of Blue-Bell!

Thanks to Deborah Smiley for this one,
and to the Dillon twins for providing the lost stanza!


Karen Root ('67) asked for the
Lyrics to "A Summer Place"
Here they are, Karen:

Tega, now we sing,
with voices raised on high
'neath your summer sky,
for within our hearts we know
that we are bound to you
through the White and Blue
teams we love, teams we love,
Tegawitha, here we are joined to sing
and to praise your name
and the sweet memories of
our summer home,
of all the friends we've met
still we'll ne'er forget
Tega's strength....Tega's hope....Tega's love.

Melody: "I Hear Music When There's No One There"

Caught in Tegawitha's magic spell,
memories that charm the heart so well,
I recall the moments I enjoyed,
oh, how I yearn for my return!
There's just no denyin' that without even tryin'
you can hear Tega calling you.
Bugles are ringin', campers are singin',
the pines whisper "come back," too!
Campfires gleamin', mountain sun beamin',
Tega campers, they wait for you!
You're the spirit of our camp,
you alone its guiding lamp,
Tega camp lives on with you!
Blue team Captain Song for Helen Fleming

Helen, our captain, we salute
You are our leader true
Through thick and thin we'll fight to win
When you cry "Onward Blue!"
Friendship and loyalty we know
Your virtues we'll hold high
And courage too we'll find in you
Our Captain will lead us through!

Many thanks to Nancy Rennau Tumposky ('57-'63)
and to Deborah Smiley!
Song for Miss Sheema
(Tune: Jolly Old St. Nicholas)

Heading our athletic staff,
Working on the field,
Our Miss Sheema's on the ball;
she will never yield.
Campers, counselors all alike
Profit when she's near!
Our Miss Sheema is the best,
And we're glad she's here!

(From Lynda Scionti on the Facebook page)

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Camper Song for Miss Fleming
(sung to the tune of "More"):
To you Miss Fleming, we now sing our song,
Thanking you for your help all summer long,
our hearts will be in your keeping, waking, sleeping, laughing, weeping

Words cannot now express our feelings of gratefulness,
Miss Fleming, we owe our joys to you!

Lady Slipper Cabin Song:
We love you, yes we do, Lady Slipper.
We love you, yes we do, Lady Slipper.
Full of vigor, pep and vim, girls all love the cabin they're in!
Hats off to you, Lady Slipper!
(no further lyrics)

Counselor Song for Miss Fleming
(sung to the melody of the 4th movement of
Brahms' Symphony No. 1 in C Minor):

We thank you, our Miss Fleming for all that you do each day
in directing, guiding, helping, your leadership all the way.
Our problems involved you've carefully solved,
you've helped us in work and play
and so to you Miss Fleming, our thanks we will gladly raise

We counselors of Tega are proud to follow you.
Your wisdom is our teacher; our strength we draw from you.
So long may you live, and long may we love
and long may we serve you well,
And so, in dedication, our voices in praise shall swell.

Thanks to Pat Leberman for the missing lyrics!

"Through the Years"
(Sung to the tune of "Over the Rainbow")
Through the years spent at Tega we have learned
loyalty and friendship, to which we proudly turn.
We are led by our colors, white and blue,
and they will be an inspiration forever true.
Though years may come and years may go,
there’s something that we’ll always know and cherish:
The days we spent in gay content,
the joys and memories which have lent to our enjoyment.
Some day we’ll be no longer campers here,
but we’ll e‘er hold in memory Camp Tegawitha dear.

"Where are the Summer Days So Carefree?"
(Sung to the tune of "Get Me To The Church on Time")
Where are the summer days so carefree?
Why are the campers all so gay?
When does the sadness turn into gladness?
Why do we feel this way?
Because we’re happy throughout the day,
Because our camp is best in every way!
We’ll ne’er forget our loyal leaders,
Never forget the white and blue.
Always, forever, We will remember
to keep our spirits high, never let them die,
Walk on with Tega’s standards as our guide.

"Timid and Trembling"
(Sung to the tune of "Hey, Look Me Over")
Timid and trembling, shaking and shy,
first day at Tega all we did was cry.
We didn't know how long we would last,
but then our routines got started
and we learned things mighty fast
And now we're big shots at Tega, chevrons and all,
We've got the spirit, we're really on the ball!
We can swim, we can dance and play tennis too,
and ever so much more,
We can ride and not get sore!
Nobody's homesick now, we all have a million friends;
Happiness shines for all,
with pleasure our smiles do blend.
We used to write Mom and Dad long letters every day,
Now they're few and far between,
and this is what they say:
"Oh, I'm awfully busy, don't have much time,
Just want to say that everything is fine!"
Then we are off to play and have fun;
we never stop, from reveille until the day is done
because we've found Tega's secret: 
it's Friendship, you see!
Courage too, not to mention loyalty.
We will mainfest the standards
that we learned at camp this year,
and next summer, see you here!
Marigold Cabin Song: 
M-A-R-I-G-O-L-D spells Marigold, Marigold
Proud of all the campers that are in it,
Counselors never say a word agin' it.
M-A-R-I-G-O-L-D, you see, is a name that a shame
Never has been connected with - Marigold for me!

Blue, White, (*Insert counselor team color) Teams too,
All together at Marigold, Marigold
Thought our disputes aren't many,
we can't say we haven't any.
M-A-R-I-G-O-L-D, you see, is a name that a shame
Never has been connected with - Marigold for me!

Those panelled walls we love so well...
Marigold, oh, Marigold, the Blue and White Teams
Proudly sing: "Marigold, your prasies ring!"
And we'll remember Marigold, Marigold, oh Marigold.

*Shandra Caruso (1980s camper) writes that the
Counselor team colors were:
"Red Team" for a Waterfront counselor,
"Yellow Team" for an Athletics counselor,
and "Green Team" for all others. 
Martha Cavanagh recalls tha "Green Team"
previously being called "The Pink-and-Purple-Polka-Dot
Team," and wonders when that was changed to "Green"
(...perhaps when one of them became a Marigold counselor?)

Cheer for the Chef:
Cookie, Cookie, Listen while we sing to you.
Cookie, Cookie, You're a part of camp life too.
Anyone can make a bed and anyone can sweep,
but it takes a great cookie to make the food we eat, so
Cookie, Cookie, Listen while we sing to you!
We'll cheer for the Chef, we'll cheer for the Chef!
We'll cheer, cheer, cheer, we'll cheer for the Chef!
And because he is so fine, we'll cheer all the time,
We'll cheer, cheer, cheer for the Chef!
(Come out, come out, come out Dear Chef, come out!)
Meadowsweet Cabin Song:
The Senior Bs are proud to say
that Meadowsweet is our summer home!
It's got the BEST of counselors and the nicest campers,
And for fun it's the place you ought to go!
A brand new challenge comes each day.
It's always met with a ready smile.
Our spirit's always high; you know the reason why?
Miss (counselor name) is GREAT!

1963 White Team New Fast Song
(melody: "I Enjoy Being a Girl"):

Hello, we are Tega campers,
and we'd like to welcome you
to the camp that we love so dearly,
and the teams of White and Blue.
We play in Athletics like we oughter;
defeat is never seen upon a face;
We swim with our heads above the water;
Mistakes are made we wish we could erase!
Our days are all spent in pleasure,
as we run from crafts to swim.
It's fun no one else can measure,
because it fills our every whim!

Song for Miss Meledin:
(melody: "Davy Crockett")

Here's to a counselor who's really great!
Works so hard on Lynchwood Lake.
Teaches swimming, boating, too
Our Miss Meledin we sing to you!

Zinnia Cabin Song:
Zinnia, no other can compete
Zinnia, no other can be beat
Zinnia, there's love within ya'
If you're from Zinnia, then stand up and cheer
Rah, Rah, Rah!
With many thanks to Helen "Pepper" Toomey!

Rhododendron Cabin Song:
Rhododendron, where the girls are happy all the day!
And the pep and vim, and will to win,
Are reflected in a special way!
Miss (Counselor Name) has got what it takes
for a counselor to be really great,
So when we say "Yip!" each and every day,
We're only saying "You're doing fine,
Rhododendron, Rhodendron OK!

We raise your name on high with naught save love,
and lift our voices to the stars above.
The days we've spent with you we shall recall:
Tega, the guide of all.
Tega, God made thee ours, we'll cherish thee
through light and darkness, through all time to be,
and though the years may find us far from here,
your name is ever dear.

1963 Blue Team New Slow Song
(melody: "Tender Shepherd"):
Campfires glowing, embers burning,
breezes softly chill the air
Voices are rising toward scarlet heavens,
Fond thoughts of Tega dwell in each heart.
Tega's teams of white and blue
endow us with a spirit true.
May we reflect her living example,
which will be cherished in years to come.
To the tune of "Tammy"
We hear the mountain pines drifting above,
Echoing, heralding, our steadfast love,
Speaking so clearly, so softly and true,
Telling us, Tega Camp, why we need you.
As we run the fields, swim the lake, learning new skills,
New friendships enrich our lives, while old ones fulfill.
In spirit our voices are raised to the sky,
Billowing, drifting, as years go by.
Shadows creep, darkness falls, leaves start to stir,
Night breezes fill the air, but Tega's warmth is there.
We hear the mountain pines drifting above,
Echoing, herlading, our steadfast love.

Counselor's Serenade to Campers:
I'm gonna build a little castle painted blue and white,
I'm gonna hold a campfire every night.
Lots of pillows on the floor;
a Tegawitha banner right over the door.
I'm gonna hold these feasts when summer's through,
so the campers can sing to me winter too.
Entertain Tega Girls every night,
in my little castle painted blue and white!
Castle painted blue, castle painted white,
In my little castle painted blue and white..
Some castle -- some gals!

Captain Song, White Team (1963? 64?)
Marjie! We're always rooting for you,
Marie! We think there's none above you,
We will fight the hardest of all,
In the end we never will fall, so come on
Marjie, we'll always be sincere,
We will beat those Blues!
'til it turns out we have won, we will fight 'til we are done!
Oh, Marjie will carry us through!

Heads Up!
Heads up! It's time to start another day!
Now don't you put those covers back on,
your noses won't freeze away!
Be quick! For Soupy soon will sing her tune.
(That breakfast surely gave us the zip
to conquer our camp events!)
We have tried to get that ball right through the hoop
so we could score two points..
and the way that padded goalie showed her vigor*
when she tried to bend her joints!
At last the cheery sun began to hide,
and Mister Moon went blinking his eyes
o'er Tega, to say "Sleep Tight"!!

(*I honestly thought the lyric "padded goalie showed her vigor"
was "
Pat Gilhooley showed her figure"
and always sang it that way!)

We Must Be Vigilant
(melody: "American Patrol")

We must be vigilant, we must be diligent,
oh, Tegawitha Camp!
Striving hard to keep afire the everlasting lamp
of love for the Blue Team, honor for the White Team,
let this be our goal!
We'll do our best to pass the test,
pulling as a whole.
We need this solidarity, or else divided we will fall;
it means the popularity of joy and happiness for all.
Behind this call we must keep rallying,
let there be no dilly-dallying,
keep us free from shilly-shallying,
hark to Tega's Call!

So Long
So long, we'll see you again
See you again some day.
For after all, the world is small,
and we'll meet again some day
Good Luck to you,
God Bless you too,
It's not farewell we say. but
So long, we'll see you again.
See you again some day!
It's Been Fun Just To Know You
It's been fun just to know you!
The summer's passed us by,
And now we must go, but we want you to know
We wish were were just saying "Hi".
Each of us will remember that Tega has been fun
Though parting is sad all our memories are glad;
they'll cheer us in long years to come.
So, "au revoir," everyone!