August 1, 2013
Tega Alumnae Kathie and Debbie Dillon write: 

"We would love to contribute Miss Fleming's favorite song of tribute
(as best we remember). We brought it back at Indian Campfire, Marigold 1969."

The Lamp of Tegawitha

Oh, Miss Fleming, we proudly pledge to thee
strong faith and trust, eternal loyalty.
To we your lasting light will 'ere remain
true to your love, your ideals, and your name.

One for Tegawitha, we hail your truths so dear.
With banners blue and white, we sing your praises clear.
No matter where our lives may lead, your loving hand we'll always need.
In vibrant tones it echoes clear: the lamp of Tegawitha.

- The Dillon Twins
Kathie and Debbie
Bluebell 1961 - Marigold 1969

Hard to believe the reunion at Camp Cayuga was almost a year ago!

But don't worry...I've saved the old landing page with post-reunion photos,
so you can still visit them...CLICK HERE!

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